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Superposition | Toneelschuur Producties


An idealistic and comical performance, about explaining cultural differences through mathematics. With Bram Suijker (winner Louis d’Or 2022)

Super 06 Sanne Peper
Super 10 Sanne Peper


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November 4 — 11 | Schuur Haarlem

November 15 | De Nieuwe Vorst Tilburg

November 17 + 18 | Theater Ins Blau Leiden

November 21 t/​m 23 | Frascati Amsterdam

November 25 + 26 | Corrosia Almere

November 28 | Schouwburg Amstelveen

November 29 + 30 | Theater Kikker Utrecht

December 1 + 2 | De Lieve Vrouw Amersfoort

December 6 + 7 | Theater A/H Spui Den Haag

December 8 + 9 | Verka­de­fa­briek S Hertogenbosch

December 13 + 14 | Zwolse Theaters

December 15 — 17 | Schuur Haarlem

December 21 + 22 | Theater Rotterdam

December 23 | Goudse Schouwburg

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Looking at it all objectively; if we take a numerical approach; will we discover that we are all the same? Or will we find out that all differences between people and cultures lie much deeper than we think?

An inter­na­ti­onal team of Dutch and Japanese top mathe­ma­ti­cians is close to discovering a model that explains cultural differences. Their clashes and misun­der­stan­dings provide the best argument that their formulas are much needed. Both in bright fluorescent light and under disco lights, these four fearless mathe­ma­ti­cians enter the minefield of cultural misunderstanding.

Super­po­si­tion is an idealistic show as well as an absurd mathe­ma­tical equation: the simi­la­ri­ties and differences between the Netherlands and Japan, between probability and geometry, between man and woman and between newness and tradition are contrasted. A performance about wanting to get through to each other and trying to understand the true inner being of humans, albeit via a giant detour.

The performance will be surtitled in English, Dutch and Japanese

Director Vanja Rukavina

Director Vanja Rukavina

When an elementary particle is in super­po­si­tion,’ it is in 2 (or more) states at the same time. I myself was raised bi-culturally and always draw from two different sources. In addition, I have been studying the Japanese language for 12 years and have made many trips around the country. Being an outsider and getting a glimpse of a third culture makes it incre­a­singly clear to me how valuable it is to step outside your own bubble. Even though different worlds are totally different from each other, they are both equally true.” — photo Nienke Veneboer